Is your wedding clock ticking?

We were very amused to read about a new bra that’s been promoted in Japan called the “Wedding Bra”

This amazing bra is aimed at single women looking for a husband. There is a large digital countdown timer on the front and small slot just below it. Apparently, the wearer sets the time to show the date they want to get married and it will then tick down the time until it runs out. The only way to stop the alarm going off is to insert an engagement ring into the slot. If you do that it will play “The Wedding March.”

While this is obviously just a PR stunt and not intended to ever be manufactured, we can’t help but think that any man would run a mile if they saw a women wearing this. It also looks like it’s been cobbled together by the team from the Japanese equivalent of “Blue Peter.” We can only hope that she doesn’t intend to travel anywhere by plane.

Jame Preece, Dating Expert for

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