Hindu Dating in the UK

November 6th, 2009

Why Hindu Speed Dating and Hindu Online Dating is now very popular in the UK.

The traditional way Hindu singles met in Hindu society was through a formal arrangement by their parents or other doting relatives. In most cases, by the time you met the other person there were already matrimonial negotiations going on!

For Hindus who have grown up in the United Kingdom or other places in the West, the old ways are still practiced but maybe not just working. Having been exposed to Western customs of dating, many young Hindus want to meet different people and “fall in love” before tying the knot. However, at the same time, they may be interested in meeting more people from their own culture and particularly those having the same religion.

The Hindu Symbol Aum

The Hindu Symbol Aum

Hence, the rapidly growing popularity of online dating services and organised dating events catering to Asians and specifically to Hindus.

Dating events and online dating allow Hindus to meet single people who share the same faith. However, it is an alternative to the traditional practice of arranged marriages as it allows people to get to know each other and fall in love in manner a more common in modern culture. Thus, it is a blending of East and West, old and new.

Hindu Social Events

Big social events are another popular way for Hindus to meet other Hindus. These events are usually large parties or galas where people come for the express purpose of meeting others for dating purposes. Many of these events are arranged on internet websites. They generally are organized according to religion, i.e. there might be a “Hindu + Sikh” event, and also age, i.e., for ages 22 to 36.

The event may start with a mixer and social drinking, and then get down to business with speed dating. Other events may have games, or there may be dancing or a formal ball.

Hindu Speed Dating

One of the big trends these days, is Hindu speed dating. The process is the same as in normal speed dating with each person meeting many other people. Up to 30 singles or more may meet for a speed dating event in which one takes part in a number of mini-dates of short duration. Usually each date will last between two to six minutes. These short encounters all taking place in the same day allow you to briefly get to know the other person and see if any sparks fly. No one is committed to any other person on the date, but those who hit if off can pursue things further.

Speed dating provides a fun, comfortable and safe way of meeting new people. And in this case, everyone will share the same Hindu religion. The group setting helps people overcome shyness that can ruin a normal blind date. Also some screening can take place before hand to make sure everyone is in the general pool in terms of what they are looking for. Many people find this is far superior to approaching someone cold in a dance club or bar.

In many cases, online dating and organised dating events cater specifically to professionals, however, this are a variety of alternatives available.

Hindu Online Dating

Online dating websites allow users to search for people who match their requirements in terms of income, education, etc. You can set these criteria to be very specific or quite broad. What makes online dating so popular is that users can browse the website and contact other people in their own spare and from the safety, convenience and security of their own homes, or office. By browsing through the profiles of other members on these sites, you get a lot of choices of pictures and personal information from the profiles. Once you have created a short list of candidates, then you can decide on you would like to meet on a more personal basis.

At first, this might consist of only online chat or a brief exchange of emails. But who knows where it can go from there!

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