Acceptable Messaging Policy

August 22nd, 2012

We take steps to make sure that the Messaging System is not being Abused

We do this for your own protection and to make sure that the messages you receive are of higher quality.  We pride ourselves on being a professional site for those seeking long term relationships. As such we expect all our members to behave and act appropriately.

If you are found to have abused the messaging system then your messages will be held in a holding bay until we review them.  We may then decide to either send them,  send a few of them or delete your account completely.

So what exactly is messaging abuse?

1)  Sending too many messages too quickly, without even reading the other persons profile. Or contacting people where you clearly do not meet the criteria stated on the other profile.  A fair limit would be 20 new contacts per day or 100 per month. If you are doing more than this, then a more important question is why is this necessary? You should be improving your profile, messages and selection process.

2) Copying and pasting messages, which we class as spamming.  If you have a great message then reusing certain bits are fine as long as you adapt it to the person you are contacting.

3) Poorly written messages that are full of spelling mistakes or text speak

4) Attempts to enter your email address or phone number as the first characters of your message.

5) Rude, Obnoxious messages or those asking for casual fun.

6) Messages with the intention to promote another website, product or business are prohibited.

7) Asking to swap personal contact details with the first message. We want members to feel safe and so you should seek to converse on the site before asking to swap personal contact details. This is why messaging is our primary function. Asking for an email to send a photo is also frowned upon because it could be a trick to get people to part with personal contact details before they feel comfortable. There is a photo slot on your profile for this purpose.

All we ask is that you take some time to write a proper message to every person you write to.  This doesn’t need to be long, just personalised and something that will interest them.  If you don’t bother to put the effort it then you are just wasting your own time anyway.

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