What’s your biggest age gap?

Age gaps are big news right now

How much is too much?


There’s been a lot of news recently about celebrities relationships that have huge age gaps.  For example,  56 year old X Factor Star Wagner is about to become a father again with his 20 year old girlfriend.  Then there’s Kristen Stewart ( 22) and her affair with Film Director Rupert Sanders (41.)   A large age gap used to be taboo but it’s becoming increasingly more common and acceptable.

I’d love to hear what you think about this, especially when it comes to Asian relationships.

My own thoughts are that age gap relationships CAN work, as long as you ignore what everyone else thinks.  After all, once you go past 30 then things will naturally even out a bit.  Never try and pretend that there isn’t a difference in age.  Instead enjoy the new adventures and opportunities that it can bring.  One of you will have more life experience that the other, but the younger one can bring renewed energy and excitement.

There will be obstacles that you’ll need to overcome of course, such as differing financial considerations, whether you want children and making sure you have similar values and ambitions.

So I ask you:

1) What’s the biggest age gap you’ve ever had in a relationship?

2)  What advice and tips can you offer someone in a similar situation?

3) What would be the largest age gap that you’d ever consider?

Please add your comments to the blog!  Thank you.


Happy dating!

James Preece – the Dating Guru


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