The Photos on your site are not Clear

Occasionally people ask us why their photos are not clear on the website. Invariably the reason for this is that the original image was of poor quality or low resolution.

Our website offer photos in three sizes as follows. These are pictures of me from an original image that was 1Mb

80x80 Thumbnail as used in search. Typically 9k

Normal Resolution as used in Profile view. 120x120 Pixels. Typically 20k

Enlarged image from Photo Album. 300x300 Pixels. Typically 60k to 80k

As you can see, the enlarged image is 300×300 pixels, and about 90k. So if your original image is of lower resolution than this, say about 60k, then the website is going to struggle to create an image that is 300×300.

Some people upload images that are already compressed, e.g. into thumbnails of 10k. Thumbnails are just for viewing large numbers of images on one page, and are not suitable for uploading.

Here is what happens when I upload the above image, starting as a thumbnail of just 9k.

Thumbnail. Looks OK because its similar size to the original.

Normal size. Starting to look fuzzy because the site had to create an image of 15k, which is larger than the original.

Full size. Looks awful, because the site had to create a 60k image from a 9k original photo


Top Tips

1. Upload images that are at least 100k.  Due to uploading delays, the site will allow images upto 2Mb.

2. If your image is over 2Mb, then you must crop or reduce the size of the file.

3. Remember, your main photo must be a clear headshot.

4. We recommend a selection of photos for your album including a full body shot (not naked!) so people can see what you look like.


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