Avoiding Online Dating Cliches

Many people keep writing the same dull things in their profiles.

So today I’ll tell you what to avoid.

Every week I get to see thousands of new profile and it’s odd how many all say exactly the same thing.  In this blog I’ll reveal the most common things I see , in the hope you won’t write the same thing.  These are five of the most common Online Dating Cliches that people write:

1) “I don’t know what I’m doing on an online dating site.”  This just makes you sound arrogant. By writing this you are suggesting that you are far too good to be on the site and what a hardship it is.  As well as this you are insulting every other member on there too!

2) “I don’t know what write” or “I’m not sure what to say.”   So you are indecisive and boring right?   Of course you aren’t….so never write this.  Instead carefully write something that will peak their interest and make you sound like someone they’d like to meet.  Work out what’s special about you and tell the world.

3) “My friends and family are important to me.”  Isn’t this really just stating the obvious? Friends and family are important to everyone.  It would be much more worrying and abnormal if they weren’t!

4) “No time wasters/ players/ etc”     This gives the impression that you’ve had some bad experiences in the past and are therefore judging all people before you’ve given them a chance. It’s doubtful that anyone would ever admit to being a time waster anyway.

5) “I’m open minded”   While most people write this with the intention that they have no expectations when it comes to dating, the reality is that it comes across as if you looking for a casual relationship.


Try and be a bit more creative, and you’ll have a dynamic , interesting profile that will help you stand out from all the other singles.

Good luck,

James Preece – The Dating Guru


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  1. vegan dating Says:

    Nice post, I agree, you have to separate somehow from the rest of generic profiles and it’s always a good thing to be a little more sincere.

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