How NOT to walk into a party!

I noticed a very interesting thing at a recent singles party I was working at. The party was in full swing, but one man arrived late.
He darted into the room, stood by the stairs, with his head hanging low and his eyes fixed on the floor. He had a very pained expression
on his face, that made him look like he was gurning while being attracted by bees. This was not the ideal way of making a good first impression at a party.
At a singles party, many people have an eye on the door, just in case Mr or Miss Right walks in.

I offered him some tips on the night and it turned out he felt awkward about being there. I thought it would be a good idea to share the advice I gave him about the right way to enter a party.

1) Just before you enter, breathe slowly to compose yourself.
2) Now walk slowly and confidently up to the doorway.
3) Imagine the doorway has a rope hanging down, that pulls you up to your full height. No slouching allowed.
4) Stand in the doorway and SMILE and pause for a couple for seconds.
5) Congratulations, you now look like somebody everyone has to talk to!

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