Your friends or your date?

Today’s blog is all about that common problem everyone faces.

How do you juggle your dating and social life?


It’s a common scenario and happens to us all.  If you don’t have a partner you’ll probably have experienced this will friends who have met someone.

When you were single, it was fun to call up your friends and hang out together.  You’d share problems, jokes and stories together and would always “be there” for each other.

However, you’re now in a relationship and you don’t have time for them anymore.    You do your best to see your friends but something always comes up.  On the rare times you do get together your partner raises concerns and complains about it, so you end up seeing them less and less.  If you see too much of your friends it can lead to jealousy or suspicion.

So what can you do about it?

1) Remember that your friends were there when you were single and will be there for you if you ever are again.  So always keep in touch and let them know they are still important to you.  Send them birthday and Christmas cards and send them short emails and texts when you get a free moment.

2) Don’t let your Partner make you choose between your friends and them.  Your friends should always take priority, at least in the early days of a relationship.

3) Spend time with BOTH your partner and your friends together.  That way they’ll get to know each other and build rapport.  The more they get on then the more you’ll keep them happy.

4) Introduce your friends to them gradually, not all at once.  That way you won’t overwhelm them or make it feel too pressured.

5) Agree limits.  Have one night a week, or fortnight, when you both see your friends.  Set a time limit so you’ll be home by midnight to see each other and you won’t be endlessly worrying about what they might be up to.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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