Smart Matches

Dear users,

You may have noticed a new link called SmartMatches in our top navigation bar.

Using scientific analysis we are now able to offer you recommendations based on your activity and the activity of other users.

We can only make these suggestions if you are actually using the site. So click on the profiles you like, and send lots of messages and winks etc. By measuring which other people also like those profiles, we can identity profiles that you may have missed out on. We can also guide you to which profiles our members believe are similar to the profile you are viewing.
Why not jump into the site now, and have a play. If you are not getting any Smart Matches, then you just need to start using the site and in a few days your matches should appear.

Enjoy these features and let us know what you think.



One Response to “Smart Matches”

  1. Kul Says:

    I like this new feature, it makes browsing from profile to profile so much easier.

    I guess, I was bored of the regular search but this method helps me find lots of new men that seem nice. Im going to contact some, wish me luck xx

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