Height – the long and short of it

Height is often a very import factor in dating.

But does being taller really get more success?

I often see very tall women wearing high heels at singles parties, then complaining that the men are too short.  So for Asian men, it can be tough to find a match. I really don’t think that someones height should be an issue.  Do a few inches here or there make that much of a difference if you’ve got chemistry?  Of course, if you are a very tall women then you are going to find it more difficult to date if you are seeking someone significantly taller than you.

So why are taller men in such great demand and do the facts back it up?

There’s a thought process that taller men are perceived as more sexually attractive and likely to produce more children. Interestingly enough,  men seem to prefer shorter women.  Those under 5ft 3 are statistically more likely to be married than those of average height or more. So that’s why men and women haven’t evolved to be the same height.

A study this week showed that women who marry men of average height are more likely to have children.  This goes against all previously held beliefs and could perhaps dispel the myth that tall men are more likely to be better breeders.  The suggestion was that this could be that men of average height tend to get married sooner than others.  So the longer you’ve been married then the more chance of having kids.

It’s an interesting study.  What do you think about it all?  We’d like to hear your thoughts, so please do add a comment on this blog.

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru


2 Responses to “Height – the long and short of it”

  1. prufrock Says:

    Dear James,

    As a sub 6ft gentleman, I’ll start by welcoming your attempt to boost my fragile, bloated ego. However, it seems there’s a degree of confusion in your representation of the study and I’d appreciate some clarity.

    The study found a correlation between the frequency of progeny and the youth of shorter/younger men viz. shorter men marry young and have more kids because they’ve been in union longer than their taller counterparts. These findings are then presented as evidence to refute the Darwinian instinct to mate with a partner who is – if you’re female – considerably taller than yourself on the assumption that there is a connection between their virility and their height.

    If your point is that shorter men are marrying younger, this does not provide conclusive evidence that they make for more fertile/masculine partners – only that they have a head-start over the taller chaps. The results of the study as you present them are a matter of stats and not individual motivation; the study is quantitative, not qualitative.

    The only conclusive finding here is the correlation between frequency of progeny and the early forming of a long-term monogamous union. In short, the sooner you marry the more likely you’ll have more kids. By the same measure, if you leave commitment until your older you’re more likely to have fewer kids.

    The height aspect is just a statistic which could just as easily suggest a number of other things: (1) taller men are hedging more, (2) possibly even finding it more difficult to find a permanent partner; (3) by extension we can even go so far as suggesting – there’s that word again – that tall guys are considered an unrealistic bet for long-term relationships by their potential female partners.

    To sum up, it looks like you’re trying to link the views of women you’ve come across at dating events to the scientific data-driven results of this study and it doesn’t appear that the two aren’t really looking at precisely the same thing.

    Pardon me if I’m missing something, I’m only going by what you’ve written in your post. Like I say, I’ve a considerable interest in this topic so I’d welcome responses from anybody who reads post.


  2. Dan Says:

    There was a TV program a while back that did an experiment with a tall guy and a short guy. Now this is based on first impressions. The conclusion was that the taller guy was perceived to be successful in life, a Doctor Perhaps, or a City banker. The Shorter guy was perceived as having a lower paid job.

    I am of average height, so hopefully perceived as doing OK lol!

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