How many photos do you have?

This is a common question I get asked.


Is it better to have one photo or several?

Some people like to add a vast selection of photos to their online dating profiles. They add action shots, photos of them on holiday, with their pets, swimming in lakes etc. This is all very well and good but you should keep one thought in mind every time you add one: Does it add value?

Each photo you upload will be judged carefully by the viewer. If it raises alarm bells for any reason whatsoever then they’ll quickly move on to the profile. However, if it’s an interesting shot it might serve as a fantastic excuse for them to contact you – an instant icebreaker.

My advice would be to stick to two or three images. One clear headshot ( no sunglasses or hats please!) and one full body shot. A third one can be a holiday or photo of you doing something out of the norm. If you only have one photo then viewer will wonder why that is and what you might be hiding.

I’d always advise you to rotate your main photo every two – three months. That way you might get a second chance if someone has overlooked you before. They’ll see a new image and assume it’s a new person, doubling your chances of hearing back from them. Don’t change it too often though, as it gets confusing for everyone.

Of course, if you do only have one photo then you need to make sure it’s THE best photo you have. The absolute biggest error is NO photo at all.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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