Sikh Dating

Sikhs are diligent in their spirituality and loyalty to God. The compassion Sikhs demonstrate in their worship is directly related to their love lives. Sikh teens are becoming more and more frivolous in terms of dating and romance, but still adhere to the most respected rules of Sikhism if they choose to remain active in their faith. Romantic relationships are not prohibited in the faith of the Sikh, though the meaning of such a relationship is far different from that of many Western religions.

Sikh Dating Events

Dating events in the UK are organised by Events are held in London and Birmingham and may be combined with Hindu events for convenience and to ensure greater numbers.  Sikhs are sometimes open to meeting single Hindus. Events will always include opportunities to meet other Sikh professionals, through ice breaking activities, hosting and Sikh speed dating.

Sikh Dating Relationships

Sikh Khanda

Sikh Khanda

Sikhs must maintain a devotion to God that prohibits romance above spirituality. Many couples who date become so completely engrossed in one another that they do not give proper attention to spirituality and worship. The Sikh dating relationship must be one that does not take away from the compassion they hold for their God. Romances are often undertaken in a Sikh culture to create a partnership working to promote spirituality and faith. While younger Sikhs may engage in flirtatious relationships that often lead to commitments for a period of time, no life bond is entered into without serious considerations of its impact on spirituality.

Sikh dating in the United Kingdom has evolved to compensate for all levels of spirituality and a Sikh’s desires in a partner. Websites and dating services bringing Sikhs together have options to accommodate those that are uncomfortable meeting in person on short notice, as well as participants who are eager to jump right in. Gatherings for UK Sikh singles have become extremely popular. This enables Sikh professionals to meet and engage with someone they’ve meet through a convenient and organised channel.

One large aspect of Sikhism that affects dating relations Sikhs is the belief that a Master Plan will be taking place. There is nothing to be gained by exerting all of one’s energy into a dating relationship when the gurus have stated the partner will be established in a larger Master Plan. As the Sikh youth has been raised with this set of beliefs, Sikh youth in the United Kingdom will be focused on dating only other Sikhs or those who will eventually choose the path to Sikhism. Dating someone outside this school of spirituality will only detract from the overall benefit of the belief-system itself.

Sikhs may dabble in dating singles from other religions or sects, but will not marry too far outside their beliefs. It is not uncommon for Sikhs to hide relationships from their parents as youths, since the concept is considered a detraction from their whole as a spiritual being. Males who are revealed to their parents as active in the dating scene face a far less criticism than their female counterparts. Whereas a male may simply be teased or joked with by his parents, a female who is exposed as actively dating will more often be looked down upon as a disappointment and weak of faith. This stigma is largely why Sikh youth in the UK will seek each other out in organized activities. Meeting people of the opposite sex in an environment that promotes civilized courtship is not likely to be frowned upon by elders and parents.

Though Sikhs will, when responsibly courting other Sikhs, put their religion before any feelings of love that may surface, it is not unlikely that a Sikh will enjoy a loveless marriage. Often, two people who have established the same life goals on a plane as relevant as spirituality will be able to bask in each other’s admiration for the beliefs they share.

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