Did you get a Valentine’s date?

We had a fantastic Valentine’s party on Saturday


We know that many people have already got dates lined up, but did you?

If you didn’t get any cards yesterday, don’t feel miserable about it.  Even if you do have a secret admirers,  they’d probably never dare let you know anyway! It’s funny but most people do have at least one person who wishes they were dating them, but they are too scared to ruin a friendship, business relationship or just too shy in general.  So nobody makes the first move and everyone wonders why they are still single.

The secret is simple, get yourself out there and be proactive.  If nobody know you are single and looking then you’ll never meet anyone new. Take the initiave and do your best to make your intentions known.

Next year make sure you it’s you sending out Valentine’s cards to the people you like.  Alternatively, just send a text letting them know you are thinking about them. Nothing over the top, but little things like that will brighten their day and increase your chances,

We’ve always got lots of great singles parties throughout hte year so do book up for some today.   You might just make your own love story.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru


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