Dating Different Types: The Beauty Queen

When it comes to dating there are many different types of people


Each one needs different tactics and I’ll be writing about them in future blogs.
Today’s blog is all about the “Beauty Queen” and is aimed at men.   We all know this particular type.

She’s the one who looks like she has stepped off the cover a magazine and always has a crowd of men around her desperate for her attention.

But somehow you’ve asked her out and she’s said yes.  So how do you handle her on a date?

Firstly, keep in mind that she’s just a normal person.  Just because she’s beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean she’s secure on the inside.  In fact, many good looking women ( and men) are rarely asked out as a lot of people are too shy or intimated to approach them.  The only ones who do are the arrogant or drink people and she’ll dismiss them as quickly as they can.

The most important thing is not to try too hard to impress her, or it will come across as desperate.

You still need to make an effort as you still want it to be memorable and exciting for her. Keep is simple, yet sophisticated – perhaps cocktails or take her to a restaurant you know she’s been dying to try.

Don’t go on about her looks – she’ll hear that from everyone else. Act like you aren’t that bothered about how she looks but compliment her on her personality, sense of humour or intelligence instead.  She’ll be flattered that someone likes her for being “herself” rather than what she looks like.

Nothing is sexier that confidence, so show her you aren’t intimidated and make sure she knows she has to work hard if she wants to see YOU again!

Good luck!

James Preece – The Dating Guru

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