New Asian Speed Dating Ideas

Tired of being asked the same questions?

Try these two fun alternatives

Speed dating is a great way to meet lots of potential new partners in a short space of time.   It’s normal to spend your session by talking and getting to know each other, but this can become boring quite quickly if you do it wrong.  Recent studies have shown that there are two better ways to handle speed dating that will get you much faster results.

So here are two new ideas that you can try:

1)Guess the picture. This is great fun but you need to bring a pad of paper with you.  One of you will think of an object and the other has to guess what it might be and draw it on the paper. This can be a great way to increase attraction.

2) Eye Gazing.    You don’t speak for this one, but instead spend the three minutes staring in to each other’s eyes.  This encourages a deeper connection and you might get surprising results once the initial amusement is over.

It’s a great idea to combine both these activities. However, you still need to introduce yourself and follow up afterwards.  They will hopefully already be looking forward to finding out more about the creative person with the wonderful imagination!


Happy dating!

James Preece

The Dating Guru

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