Why you should give them a second look

Take a look at this picture

What do you see?

There are two ways of seeing this photo, depending on how your mind is working at that one particular moment.  The same is true for any photo that we see, including online dating pictures.

We often scan 1000s of images in a split second, working out who we like the look of and who we don’t.  So you won’t even get as far as reading their profile to see find out if you are a a good match or not.  This can work against us and ruin our chances of meeting people.  Perhaps you have ruled them out because they aren’t smiling or because they dont’ seem your type.

The truth is that everyone can look completely different in a variety of photos. So even if you aren’t sure about the first, you should give them a chance and see if they have another shot in their album. If you do, there might be one that you prefer.  If you aren’t that photogenic then you should definitely add more photos to your profile for this reason.

Albums can be a great icebreaker too as you can comment on things that most people will miss.  It could be that there is a photograph from a place you have visited or you could tell them you like the top they are wearing.  These little things will make you stand out from all the other messages.

Happy dating!

James Preece – The Dating Guru


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  1. Rahul Says:

    I think this is excellent advice – so many people on dating sites have declined me within, sometimes, seconds of me contacting them ! – despite the fact that a read of their profiles seemed to indicate we would have a lot in common. On a few occasions I happen to have subsequently met some of these ladies at social or singles events and they spoke to me and seemed interested in me, but most of them didn’t recognise me from my profile ! – to me that says it all… also I strongly believe that a person’s looks come to “life” when you actually meet them and hear them speak – and this can go either way; if the person speaks harshly , arrogantly or rudely, you can suddenly see them in a different light regardless of their good looks ! – the converse can also be true – you find someone with “average” looks to be a really attractive person as you find them to be kind warm and confident …. much food for thought.

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