We are simply the best

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.   Well, it seems that a week doesn’t go by without yet another company trying to copy what we do.

Many companies come and go, trying to emulate our successful formula and running second rate events.  They try and use the venues we work so hard to find, attempt to poach our customers and undercut our prices. We’ve even found some who copy and paste the text from our website, using it as their own!  These companies don’t last very long.

We were the first company to introduce the ice-breaking card game, which other companies adapted into the Lock and Key game.  We also provide more (and better) hosts than anyone else.

Competition isn’t a bad thing as it makes us work harder.   We know that we are the industry leaders and have the most experience, busiest parties and nicest guests.  We offer the best value for money events and are in this for the longer term, rather than trying to make a quick buck and then disappearing.

As we move towards our 8th year of business, we promise to keep on trying out new ideas and events.  Asian Single Solution is the original and the best and we thank you for your support.

James Preece

Dating Expert for the Asian Single Solution.

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