Celebrity Dating: Noel Fielding

Noel Fielding has laughed off suggestions that he and Pixie Geldof are dating.
The Mighty Boosh star was supposedly spotted kissing the 19-year-old on a night out in London last week.
However, Fielding, 35, insisted that they are “just friends”, adding: “It’s just these things are… like fairytales, aren’t they?
“We’re just friends that’s all, but you can’t be friends in this country without someone booking a church and trying to get you married.”
Fielding joked that he is really in a relationship with his Mighty Boosh co-star Julian Barratt.
“We live like one road away from each other, I have just bought a house where on the roof garden you can see into his window so I am gonna get a telescope to make sure he says he’s doing what he’s doing,” he said.

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