The Five Worst Ghosting Stories

You’ve probably heard of the dating term “ghosting.”  It’s when you are seeing someone and you think all is going well, only for them to completely disappear.  You’ll never see or hear from them again -just like a ghost.

Ghosting isn’t a new thing.  It’s something that has always gone on, but it’s more obvious.  In the age before emails and mobile phones it was much easier to avoid someone or hide from them.  But now it’s obvious if someone stops responding.  We’ve heard of some terrible ghosting stories and here are some of the worst.



John and Heather had been together quite a while, but he was starting to wonder if she was into him as much as he was to her.  He took her away from a weekend by the sea, expecting a romantic break.  However, after dinner on the first night she went out to get some wine from a nearby shop.  He returned to the hotel to meet her, only to discover she’d packed her bags and left.



Not all ghosts are gone forever.  We heard from one lady who told us about a man she’d been dated who had ended up ghosting her.  She’s tried several times to reach out, but he blocked her from calling or seeing his social media accounts.  Strangely, he popped back about a year later apologising and saying he’d been ill.  She reluctantly agreed to give him another chance, only for the same things to happen.  When he got in touch a few months later she decided enough was enough and blocked him instead.



Sarah and Tim had been dating for 18th months and were talking about marriage.  She told him he’d have to get her Dad’s permission first. He agreed but that was the last time she ever heard from him.

Sarah did her own investigating and discovered Tim had been in a relationship the whole time they were seeing each other.



One lady went on a few dates with a man she’d met on a dating app.  They ended up having a falling out when she refused to kiss him.  She ghosted him and forgot all about him ….until she started a new job a few months later.   It turned out her new boss was the same guy she’d disappeared on.  Awkward!


5)  This one is the worst ghosting story of all.   Maria met a man in a bar and they hit it off.  He was a very mysterious type with an air of “bad boy” about him that she found attractive. He always seemed to want to meet in bars and often went missing for a few days at a time. While he was nice enough to her, everyone else seemed a bit wary or him and her friends couldn’t stand him. Eventually he went missing for good.  She only discovered the truth when she saw the front page of a local newspaper and found out he’s gone to prison for armed robbery.


If you don’t want to see someone again then it’s always better just to be honest with them.  Let them know politely that you aren’t interested in seeing them again.  That way they know they can get on with their lives and date other people.


Do you have a ghosting story of your own?   If you do – let us know!

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