Where are the older Indian men?

We are often asked to run older events, e.g. 30s and 40s. Whilst this is our most popular age group for SingleSolution.com we just dont seem to get many British Asian men over 40.


It struck me last night why this is, and it seems obvious.

According to wikipedia the flow of Indian immigrants peaked between 1965 and 1972,

So by deduction 2nd generation Indians would  have only been born in any significant numbers after 1965. Assuming new entrants to the UK took a few years to settle, this would have meant a gradual increase in the birth rate, that would put the majority of 2nd generation indians in the UK at age 40 or less. For anyone to have been born in the UK to Indian parents and to be over 40, their parents would have had to have been here significantly prior to 1970. There are a few but just not many.

It seems reasonable that the majority of British born Indians would have been born to parents arriving around 1970 +/- 5 years, who probably wouldnt have had children for 5 years or more which would make them 35 or under on average.

This is only really an issue because men tend to date younger ladies. The solution for Asian ladies in their late 30s and 40s is to look wider than British Born Indians.

Please respond with your posts below. Is there any substance to this. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Paul Ergatoudis



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