Should cheating be forgiven?

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Why do some many celebrities cheat?.  It’s either naked photos by text, saucy emails or full blown affairs.  So what makes famous, talented people with beautiful partners go and risk losing everything they have?

But is this just part and parcel of being a celebrity and therefore something we shoudl accept?

It’s a horrible feeling if you find you’ve been cheated on.   Everything you believed turns out to be a lie and you suddenly find you can’t trust or believe anyone ever again.  It’s a truly hideous experience.

Studies predict that “60 percent of men and 40 percent of women will have an extramarital affair.”  That’s a shocking statistic and the more celebrities that get caught will only lead to other men thinking it’s acceptable.  They just want to be like their heroes so follow the examples they might set.

So why is this so common with celebrities?

There can be various reasons that they might justify their behaviour:

1) Constant Pressure

Money, power and privilege can be dangerous to relationship. They are in the public eye so much that women throw themselves at them day in day out, so it gets harder and harder to turn them down. To make things worse, their friends or teammates actively encourage them to play the field.

2) Attention Seeker

Many celebrities crave media attention and need to have their egos constantly stroked. They could even argue that any publicity is good publicity.

3) Sense of Entitlement

Sometimes they believe that they can do what they want as they have earned that right by the very nature of being a “celebrity.”

4) Impunity

Perhaps they cheat because they believe that their spouse will stay with them “no matter what”  just because of who they are and what they might risk losing. This is usually money and media attention.

5) Getting away with it. Each time you cheat and get away with it, the easier it is to do again.

So what do you think?   Should cheating celebrities deserve another chance?  Please take a second to enter our survey –  and do add your own thoughts to this blog.

James Preece – the Dating Guru

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