Get your kit off!

I’ve noticed something odd at some of our parties that I wanted to share with you.
Guests often turn up with coats, hats, scarves etc which is quite normal considering the unreliable British weather.
Most will put these in the cloakroom so they can relax and enjoy the evening. We always make sure that a cloakroom is available for this very reason.

However…..sometimes guests prefer to keep their coats on and will keep wrapped up throughout the party.

This really is quite an odd thing to do and I’ve been trying to work out the reasons for this. Of course, everyone is entitled to wear what they want but it really doesn’t do anyone any favours.
By keeping your coat on you are preparing yourself to leave before you’ve even started. When you keep your coat on, everyone else will assume you’ve had enough and are on the way out.
It’s just an unnecessary barrier and people will be reluctant to come and say hi.

To make matters worse, I’ve even had these fully dressed guests complaining to me that that it’s too warm in the venue!

These guests have usually made a big effort to wear something smart and sexy but nobody will ever know. So take off your coats, reveal what’s underneath and make the most of what you have. Don’t hide behind a safety blanket. You’ll get much better results and have a much more fun evening.

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