How to spot a loser

Are you dating a loser?

Find out how to spot one right now.

The Dating Pool is made up of a wide variety of people. Most are lovely, thoughtful individuals but there are of course a few who are a little more “unrefined.”    So can you tell who is who before you waste too much time?

To help, there are some simple steps you can take to filter out these idiots.  If you have your doubts then ask yourself these questions:
1) How are they with their friends and family?  If you are wary, watch how they act with them before introducing them to any of yours

2) What are their texts like?   If they can’t spell or take the time to send you nice messages, that’s a good indication they are not a keeper.

3) Is their glass half full or half empty?  Negative people are more likely to be clueless interacting with others and will only get you feeling low too. Only date those that are ambitious, passionate and positive.

4) Have you read their Facebook profile?   Take a good look at their wall posts, friend interactions and photos.  These can reveal so much more than they’d like you to know.

5) Are they affectionate?  If they are more likely to hug a teddy bear or an Xbox controller than you, there’s not much point pursuing a relationship.


Do you have your own ways to avoid time wasters and losers?  Add your thoughts here to help everyone else!

Happy dating,

James Preece  – The Dating Guru

2 Responses to “How to spot a loser”

  1. Raj Says:

    Hey James
    these comments are a bit harsh, but I can see where you are coming from.

    Most men are into Xbox etc occasionally. It’s about trying to have a balance.

  2. Bobby Says:


    I do believe that some people live in a bubble and can become fairly selfish with their own needs. When they come onto a dating site like this, it is as if they have never changed.

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